Clear Bay Mountain Bike Trails

Getting There
Clear Bay is part of Lake Thunderbird, an Oklahoma State Park. The main entrance to Clear Bay is on the north side of Highway 9, about 12 miles east of I-35. The new trailhead is across the street from the hourse stables, on the east side of Clear Bay Ave. Facilities include a gravel parking lot, restrooms, and a bike wash. There is an alternate trailhead off the west side of Dam Road, which is about one mile further east on Highway 9.
Clear Bay Entrance
Main entrance to the Clear Bay area.

Trail Description
The Clear Bay mountain bike trail system is 95% single track with over 900 feet of elevation gain/decent. The trail system is currently marked and most of the sandy sections have be re-routed. The overall length is a little over 11 miles. There are some new technical sections, such as the Roller Coaster, Quadzilla, and the Totter. Huffy Hill is always good for the heart rate too. Maps are now available:
 8.5 by 11 landscape color PDF file
 11 by 17 landscape color PDF file
 Unformatted JPG file

Totter Video Clips (requires Windows Media Player plug-in)
 Adam Taylor
 Chris Cox
 James Whited
 Robert Hickey
 View from the handle bars plus group pic at the end

Recent History
In early 2001, the Bicycle League of Norman and the Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship teamed up and conducted a series of trail workdays to prepare for the DAREathlon, held on March 3, 2001 and benefited the Norman Police Department's D.A.R.E. program. Most of the work involved removing the controversial waterbars as well as adding over a mile of new trail for the mountain biking event. In the fall of 2001, BLN conducted another series of trail workdays to further improve the trail system for the Sooner Stampede, held on October 21, 2001, a NORBA event and part of the 2001 Tour de Dirt series. Most of the work involved re-routing around deep sandy sections as well as adding over another mile of new trail. In the fall of 2002, BLN conducted another series of trail workdays to further lengthen the trail with some additional re-routes for the 2nd Sooner Stampede, held on October 6, 2002, a NORBA event and part of the 2002 Tour de Dirt series. The 3rd Sooner Stampede is currenty scheduled for October 5th, 2003.

Current Projects
Final trail signage including several metal posters is scheduled to be installed by mid-February.
Posters and banners in the new trail entrance marquis.

Things to Know
These are multiuse trails. Bicyclists should always yield to hikers.
Cutting trails without the permission of the Thunderbird Park Manager, Suzan Hendon, is forbidden.
Poison ivy and poison oak are abundant within the trail system. You should take the necessary precautions to minimize exposure. Click here for more.
There are poster size trail maps at the trailhead and within the trail system itself. These maps describe the "old" trail system (an interlocking set of three ovals) and should be ignored. The existing trail system is not reflected on these maps and if the maps are used, they will likely only lead to confusion.
Please don't ride the trail when it is muddy and please don't litter.

Lake Thunderbird Contacts
Thunderbird State Park ManagerSuzan Hendon360-3572
Thunderbird State Park NaturalistJulie Tarver321-4633
Oklahoma Recreational Trails Grant ProgramSusan Henry521-2904
Oklahoma State Parks Volunteer CoordinatorTom Bailey521-3489

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